Westwood DORA Guidelines:

  • DORA drinks can only be sold during designated hours: 5pm to 11pm Monday through Friday; and
    Noon to 11pm on Saturday and Sunday
  • No DORA drinks can be consumed after midnight. Westwood Town Hall Park closes at 11pm
  • DORA drinks must be served in designated DORA cups by a DORA participating establishment
  • DORA drinks may only be consumed within DORA boundaries
  • DORA drinks cannot be taken from one alcohol-serving establishment into another
  • No alcoholic beverages in cans, bottles, thermoses, or flasks are permitted within the DORA. This
    includes canned and bottled alcoholic beverages from participating establishments.
  • No alcohol from outside the DORA may be brought into the DORA or consumed within the DORA
  • Dispose of cups properly and drink responsibly. Rules pertaining to public intoxication, indecency, noise
    and driving while intoxicated still apply.